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Homework is useless

Homework is pointless. Here's what you should do instead - CNN Homework Is Useless, According to Experts - Gawker Those "Homework is Useless" Articles Are Lying to You Is homework an unnecessary burden? | IB Community Blog Well, as it turns out, it was a complete waste of your time: Research reveals primary school homework offers no real benefit - and only limited results in junior high school. Only senior students... There's been a lot of research and debate on the academic value of homework for school-aged children. The results, although somewhat mixed, generally conclude that homework provides no advantage... Homework can be harmful in many ways and teachers don’t even notice it. Not all students have the resources to do homework at home because they live with low-income families. 41% of US kids live in low-income families, which are less likely to have access to the resources needed to complete homework, such as pens and paper, a computer, internet access, a quiet. This “homework is useless” trend all seems to come from one person: Dr.

Harris Cooper. Almost every article telling us homework needs to be banned quotes his work. Those that don’t quote Cooper directly, quote books by Alfie Kohn or Sara Bennett and Nancy Kalish – books that are almost entirely based on Cooper’s studies. Homework is useless and should be optional. Apart from the fact that checking the answers in class takes a good amount of time and this way the teachers lose time that can be used to teach new things, homework usually includes useless tasks that need to be looked up online. On the other hand, many students copy the homework of other students, which. The study found that 59 percent of 10 and 11-year-olds do less than two hours of homework per week. About 22 percent do three or four hours a week, and five percent complete seven or more hours of... Homework only helps if every child has a chance get something useful from it—so programs to provide resources for kids who might not have homework support at home are critical, whether that’s... Spending more than two hours a day on homework is linked to achieving better results in English, mathematics and science, according to a study published by the Department for Education, UK. Homework also improves memory, encourages independence and develops positive study skills – including how to deal with pressure, various studies have found. Homework that is pointless busywork can lead to a negative impression of a subject (not to mention a teacher). It takes time away from families, friends, jobs, and other ways to spend your time. Homework can hurt your grades. It forces you to make time management decisions, sometimes putting you in a no-win situation.

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Homework is useless

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