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Using a team approach, a combination of our services will be utilized in your personalized treatment plan. Our team approach will ensure the root cause of your problem be assessed and solved, to get you feeling better faster!



At Stittsville Carp Road Physiotherpy, we hear your story and take a detailed history. To that end, we create an individualized treatment plan including Assessment & Diagnosis aimed at achieving the functional goals we set together.


Registered Massage Therapy

Treatment & Therapy forms an integral part of our approach to treating the whole body, not just a complaint in isolation. This service is fundamental to ensuring our patients’ long-term health and wellness.



Kinesiology is the science of human movement and exercise. The practice of kinesiology involves assessing human movement and performance to then rehabilitate, maintain, or enhance physical functioning.

Kinesiologists are experts in the prevention of injury and chronic disease through exercise and are passionate about improving health, performance, and overall quality of life. With a thorough understanding of how and why the body moves, Kinesiologists are equipped to work with individuals of any age and at any level of function. 

Foot Muscles Model

Custom Footwear & Orthotics

Proper foot alignment is the key to every step we take. Our professionals will assess your gait pattern and determine if orthotics will be a part of your overall health program at our clinic.

Wrist Brace

Custom Bracing

When our bodies need extra help and support, we can measure and fit custom braces for your joints so you can continue to do what you want to in life.

Green Goodness

Registered Dietitians

Our Registered Dietitians are experts in food and nutrition. They help our clients achieve healthier eating patterns and lifestyles to prevent and treat  chronic diseases. They translate scientific, medical and nutrition information into practical therapeutic diets and meal guidance.

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Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy ESWT.Effective non-surgical treatment.Physical therapy fo

Shockwave Therapy

We are the only clinic in the greater Stittsville area that offers Shockwave Therapy.

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Compression Stockings

Stittsville Carp Road Physiotherapy now can measure and dispense custom compression stockings
These products can help with mild to moderate vein problems, general calf cramping, and improved performance in endurance activities. For more information please go to:

Man Putting On Medical Compression Stockings On Legs.jpg
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