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Dry Needling

At Stittsville Carp Road Physiotherapy we have a Team of healthcare professionals that work together to get you better. We offer the following at our clinic:

Physiotherapy Registered Massage Therapy Psychotherapy Shockwave Therapy Concussion Management Vertigo Therapy Compression Stockings Custom Orthotics Bracing and Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a treatment centered on relieving muscular pain specifically. During a dry needling procedure, practitioners (who are physiotherapists that have undergone additional training beyond standard physio education to be certified ) insert thin needles through the skin. These needles are placed in “trigger points” in muscle or tissue.

These are areas of knotted muscle tissue (chronic muscular tightness that doesn't go away with stretching). There are a variety of potential targets from scar tissue, to trigger points, to areas of fascial tension. Many movement impairments are due to stiff fascial tissue or muscle imbalances; dry needling can manage these effectively. This is particularly helpful for neck or back pains.

Dry needling helps to release the knot and relieve any associated muscle pain or spasms. This also helps improve range of motion by releasing tense myofascial tissues. It’s often used to treat sports injuries, muscle pain, and even fibromyalgia pain. The technique not only forces a hyper-contractile muscle unit to relax, but the needle tip will stimulate the body’s own healing cascade as well.

If you have any questions about how these services can help you or to set up an appointment, please contact us at: 613-836-4676 / jason@stittsvillephysio.

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