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Spring gardening got you sore?

Stittsville Carp Road Physiotherapy can help you recover from you weekend warrior activities. Call us today to get in to see one of our many services.

Our Physiotherapists and RMTs can treat clients for:

Concussions / Vertigo Dry Needling / Muscular pains / strains Ligamentous sprains / Lower back pain Neck pain / headaches Radiation of pain into your arms / fingers or legs Numbness in you lower limbs / upper limbs Custom Orthotics and Compression Stockings

Our Registered Dietitian can help with:

Weight loss / Allergies/intolerances Digestive issues / Diabetes Heart health / Cancer Infant nutrition and picky eating / Pregnancy and breastfeeding Sports nutrition / Vegetarian and vegan diets Navigating supplements

Our Psychotherapists can help with:

Seasonal Affective Disorder / Depression Anxiety / Eating Disorders Couples Therapy / Maintaining General Mental Health

We are the only clinic in the greater Stittsville area that offers Shockwave Therapy which is a great modality to break up unwanted calcifications in muscles that maybe causing you pain (plantar fasciitis, deep hip pain, or shoulder blade pain).

If you have any questions please contact us: 613-836-4676 /

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