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Why Manual Therapy Works.

As with all Medical facilities there are no guarantees in the results when you see a healthcare professional. At Stittsville Carp Road Physiotherapy we do everything we can to try and optimize and maximize the outcome of your treatment plans. We do this by finding the root cause of the underlying reason why you are having pain or dysfunction. We address it directly, in private rooms, using manual therapy techniques, and we don't waste your time just treating your symptoms.

What we expect from you is a commitment to your goals of reducing or eliminating your pain, and improving your mobility and function. In order for our Manual Therapists to achieve these goals they require at least two visits per week with the knowledge that home exercises need to be done between visits to maintain any joint range that the treatments sessions have gained. The connective tissue in our bodies requires up to six weeks (42 days) to hold a change in length ie: mobilizing a joint to improve it's range of motion which in turn reduces your pain. This is why most gains can be seen after 4 to 6 weeks of manual therapy treatments.

Our physiotherapists participate in professional development and skill based courses throughout the year in an effort to stay on top of the latest assessment and treatment techniques.

Our front staff is always willing and able to try and accommodate your needs for assessment and follow up appointment times. Please give Stittsville Carp Road Physiotherapy a call to set up an appointment.

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